The Upstairs Lounge

The Upstairs Lounge - Boston's legendary underground nightclub.

Boston's legendary underground nightclub featuring swing, lounge, brit-pop and 80's music is gone but not forgotten.

The Upstairs Lounge lounge

Tuesday nights was a Boston original – Louunge night. Original lounge, space age pop, and other trippy sounds blasted from the hi-fi while groovy people sipped martinis. This experimental format allowd DJ Big Daddy to spin an eclectic mix of exotica, lounge, neo-lounge, space age pop all mixed in with an ambient dressing on top. Since the night was so freeform and the Upstairs Lounge was in its infancy Big Daddy started spinning a healty dose of swing and rock-a-billy both of which eventually spun off to form their own nights.

This is some of what the "hep cats" were listening too.

  • Martin Denny
  • The Rat Pack
  • Combustible Edison
  • Les Baxter