The Upstairs Lounge

The Upstairs Lounge - Boston's legendary underground nightclub.

Boston's legendary underground nightclub featuring swing, lounge, brit-pop and 80's music is gone but not forgotten.

The Upstairs Lounge

The second floor space above Boston's Penalty Box bar has housed a variety of clubs all of which have made an impact on the music scene throughout the years. After the Causeway closed its doors the space lay dormant until an aspiring group barged in and transformed it to the kitschy night spot know as The Upstairs Lounge.

Small and independently owned, the things this Boston club was about to do made nothing but huge impacts on the club and music scene both local and national. Determined to compete with the big boys on a shoe string budget, The Upstairs Lounge was one of the first nightclubs to market aggressively over the internet. That combined with a relentless street team brought in a diverse crowd for the eclectic nights hosted.

After a few stumbles three weekly nights were put in place, Thursday Swing night, Friday Brit-Pop and Saturday 80's.

Hosted by DJ Big Daddy and featuring DJ Top Cat as-well-as local and national swing bands Thursdays Atomic Lounge night hit Boston hard. It got major recognition as the first East Coast Swing night and won various awards including The Boston Phoenix Best New Club Night and Best Retro Club Night.

Not tot be outdone by Thursdays, a killer team of DJs started "The Pill" a weekly Friday night Brit-Pop night which also gained critical aclaim. The Pill was our second night to win both Best New Club Night and Best Retro Night from the Boston Phoenix readers choice poll. After circumstances forced the closure of The Upstairs Lounge, The Pill made its way to both the Paradise Lounge and Bills Bar where its popularity skyrocketed. You can still attend the Pill as one of its original DJs found a home for it at Great Scott's.